Our History


In 1974, Kenneth Pierce, of Salem, VA, opened Pierce Vinyl Company. His business practices echoed his personal character-one of honesty and dependability. He was proud to provide quality services to his community and his hard work paid off in supporting his family.  He looked forward to watching his business grow.

Unfortunately, in 1989, Kenneth suffered a severe heart attack. His teenage son, Robbie, was determined to keep his father’s business going; but, there was only so much a ninth grader could do and Kenneth never fully recovered to return to the business. Kenneth was devastated to see the company close.  Robbie remained determined.

In 1993, after graduating high school, and only one week after turning 18, Robbie relaunched his father’s business under the name Pierce Siding and Window Company. Over the years, Robbie has followed in father’s footsteps in providing quality services and building customer relationships based on honesty and trust.

He continued to grow the business, adding services such as roofing and occasional deck work. Kenneth, still residing in Salem, has proudly watched and encouraged his son. Robbie remains grateful for the opportunity to continue his father’s work as he too supports his family.